Meet Indrani Goradia

Advocate, Philanthropist & Founder,
Indrani’s Light Foundation

As a child growing up in Trinidad, I was forced to live two very different lives. At school, I was a star student. I loved learning and excelled academically. At home, things were different. I was abused and told that I could never do anything right. My only escape was education so I hid behind my books. I was ravenous about reading and writing. I had to be.

Those experiences traveled with me as an adult. When I think about how I want to change the world, I remember how schooling helped me escape the devastation of my home life. I give because philanthropy is natural to me. I give because I want to ensure that no women or children have to experience abuse.

In 2013, I was introduced to Population Services International. Supporting PSI was both an exciting and challenging time in my philanthropic journey. While it was ultimately my decision to fund the organization, I had to consult my family and consider my priorities.

When I first got married, I gave with my husband. He determined where we gave. I was less involved because my focus was on being a good mother – one who was not an abuser. When my children grew up, I developed my own philanthropic blueprint. I started Indrani’s Light Foundation to focus on bringing sustainability to empowering women and children.

With my family, I considered the significance of a big + bold gift to PSI. At the time, the organization didn’t yet have a program focused on the issue. Here, I had to pause. I couldn’t imagine supporting a program without a gender-lens. One of my primary goals is to end gender-based violence in my lifetime.

That’s when I learned the true value of partnership. PSI has always had a strong history of collaboration, and together, we discussed the possibility of a new program focused on ending gender-based violence. The gift suddenly became a no-brainer.

If I say I want to accomplish a task, I really mean it. I said I wanted to end gender-based violence, so I stepped up and invested in it. Although I have learned that this goal may not be accomplished within my lifetime, I know that I have to keep trying. I have to keep learning and surrounding myself with those who can help me achieve this goal. I have to give it my all, because I know that at the end of my life, I will see change.



Kate Roberts Describes the Impact
SVP, Corporate Partnerships & Philanthropy, Population Services International and Co-founder, Maverick Collective


Population Services International (PSI) is a leading global health organization with programs targeting malaria, child survival, HIV, reproductive health, gender-based violence, and non-communicable disease. What makes PSI unique is a focus on measurement, a commitment to innovation, and the use of proven business practices for health solutions.

In 2014, Indrani generously committed $5 million to PSI to end gender-based violence in India and Trinidad & Tobago. Her pilot projects bring together local partner organizations, community leaders, survivors, peer educators, and policy makers to change gender norms, improve access to services, and prevent violence against girls and women.

Indrani brings her many unique talents to the work of PSI. As a Founding Member of Maverick Collective, a philanthropic and advocacy initiative of PSI to end extreme poverty by investing in girls and women, she serves as a catalyst and advocate for our work in eradicating gender-based violence (GBV). Through her passionate leadership, she has inspired other donors to support GBV and has helped PSI leverage her investment to expand the work globally. PSI is already using the outcomes from her pilot projects she launched to advance the work of new and existing projects as well as gather evidence to create a more enabling policy environment for women and girls worldwide.

Indrani has also shared her time and talent by partnering with PSI to train our global staff and field teams who work with survivors of violence to give them the personal tools and strength to best address GBV in their communities. Her leadership challenges us every day to consider whether or not we are proactively addressing gender-based violence within our organization, from our board to our local staff. For Indrani, impact includes the health and development of not only the programs she supports but also the teams that work on the ground.

As a Founding Member of Maverick Collective, Indrani has become a powerful advocate and spokesperson for girls and women. She is helping to leverage future government funding and is transforming the way health services and products are delivered. She is truly holistic in her philanthropic work, and her thought partnership has been essential to the impact of our work.