Jodie, Helen, Monica at Dallas 2011 Retreat

Our Community


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  Margaret Mead

We are a growing community of women (and a few good men) passionate about the advancement of women and girls. For the first time in history, women are funding women big and bold, and we welcome your interest in joining this movement! A new story of courageous philanthropy is unfolding, and by joining the WMM community, you will become a part of this important story.

Why join?
By making a commitment of a million or more to women and girls, you are making a statement. You are saying that a more gender-balanced world will be a more just and equitable place for all. You are putting your money where your values are and in doing so, join over one hundred and fifty other donors doing the same thing.

What can you expect?
Expect to learn, expect to grow in your philanthropy, expect to be surrounded both virtually – and by means of our gatherings – by some of the most incredible and generous women on the planet who will soon become your friends. And expect to have a lot of fun! We sing, we dance, we fall in love with each other all the time.

What’s next?
Click here to learn more about what counts to join WMM. Or Contact us with questions.

We look forward to welcoming you to Women Moving Millions!


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“In the process of keeping quiet about having money, I was diminishing my power. Making my WMM gift has freed me up. It has allowed me to step more into my strength as a person.” Carol Andreae

“Joining a woman’s group was not part of my life experience until I joined Women Moving Millions.  The incredibly warm, enthusiastic and compassionate collection of women who comprise this group makes me wonder what I’ve been missing.  From the moment I met these women, I knew I had found my tribe. Women are wonderful and the group that comprises Women Moving Millions is kind, smart, focused and friendly.” Marcia Cardamore

“Making my million dollar gift was like jumping off a cliff and then finding out you can fly. This is real. I felt the fall, and then I felt the lift-off.” Jodie Evans

“I’d been looking for a group whose primary focus was philanthropy. Everyone I’ve met is intensely focused on philanthropy in WMM.  Equally important, everyone has been so welcoming and affirming, bringing her own skill set to the organization!” Debbie McLeod

“WMM enables me to be part of a community which is working to find the most effective ways to create change. We’re proving that working collectively is more effective than working individually.” Elizabeth Colton