Our Progress

Women Moving Millions has inspired over $500 million in commitments toward the advancement of women and girls. Our community currently has 237 members.

WMM’s main objectives are to significantly increase funding and new gifts that support the advancement of women and girls and to grow a strong and committed community of diverse donor leaders around the globe.  Our work brings attention to the fact that so little funding goes to support women and girls relative to their need, and serves as a call to action for all – in particular to individuals who have the capacity to give big and bold.

We measure success primarily by the continued growth of our membership.  We ask members to make a pledge to the organizations they care about, and when asked will help members identify compatible groups working in issue areas that reflect their interests and passions.   Everything we do is ultimately in partnership with the organizations that receive the member gift, and our hope is that they – and other countless programs working on behalf of women and girls – will see us as an incredible resource in their journey.

Members tell us that being part of our community has a tremendously positive impact on their philanthropy:  We inspire each other. We encourage each other. We learn from each other. When we become stronger in our commitment we are better able, through peer-to-peer cultivation, to encourage others to be the same.  Ultimately people support people, and our members become incredible spokespeople and advocates for their grantee partners.

We encourage our members to monitor the impact of their philanthropic investments in women and girls as they would any other investment, thereby encouraging accountability from the organizations that they support. As an organization, our primary metric is pledges made, but our larger impact is the stories of what those dollars, inspired by WMM, are doing in the world across an array of regions and issue areas. Our new website, coming soon, will be filled with those stories.  We can’t wait to share them.