Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

WOMEN MOVING MILLIONS is a community of individuals who have made gifts and pledges of one million or more to organizations / initiatives promoting the advancement and empowerment of women and girls. We believe that women and girls are the single best investment towards creating healthy societies, economic growth, and global stabilization. What is good for women is good for everyone.

WOMEN MOVING MILLIONS is composed of women (and a few good men) whose mission is to strengthen the women’s movement by inviting women into their power, raising their voices through their resources, and strengthening and extending their vision through their values and actions. We wish to become a thread that runs through projects for women to inspire giving at the million dollar level.

WOMEN MOVING MILLIONS is committed to funding systemic change and building a peaceful and equitable world. Through our activism and our collaboration with others who share our values, we will change history. Our vision is a world in which women can walk safely and thrive at their fullest potential.

Our Values

WE BELIEVE strongly in the value of a woman’s perspective and her experience. When women enjoy equity and equality it increases their stature, amplifies their voice and increases their impact upon the community and beyond. Gender equality leads to positive changes in the world. Women Moving Millions members believe that women and men working together, sharing leadership, opportunities and responsibilities, will generate security and sustainable peace through justice.

WE BRING our innovation, intuition, creativity, strategic thinking, financial resources and our networks to the deployment of our philanthropic intention. Leveraging our synergies, collaborating our networks and developing creative partnerships are the key to our efficiency. Our passion and the love we bring to each other and to ourselves is the key to our energy.

WE SUPPORT systemic solutions which produce seismic change and sustainable progress for women and girls, especially those who have the least access to resources and opportunities. To accomplish this we focus on human rights, economic security, education, safety, health, and leadership.

WE PROMOTE women and men working side by side towards justice, respect, compassion and mutual accountability.