Our Founders

The History: From Campaign to Community
In 2005, while documenting the historicity of visionary donors pledging a million dollars or more to women and girls, Helen LaKelly Hunt (top right) received an important call.  Her sister, Ambassador Swanee Hunt (top left), made a grand financial pledge for Helen’s use to “raise the bar on women’s giving.”  To Swanee’s pledge, Helen added one of her own, and this spark capital catalyzed a major global funding initiative.

Women Moving Millions (WMM) created a global collective of committed, purposeful women making unprecedented gifts of $1 million or more for the advancement of women and girls. Raising funds as well as their voices, this concept inspired other donors to join with them toward to amplify the voices of women worldwide. Phase I of the WMM initiative (April 2007 to April 2009) was launched in partnership with the Women’s Funding Network (WFN) under then-CEO Chris Grumm’s (bottom left) leadership, and history was made as $181.2 million was pledged by 102 donors to 41 WFN member funds. The end of this historic campaign was celebrated at the Brooklyn Museum in May 2009.

After celebrating this groundbreaking achievement in 2009, a handful of women came together with Helen and said, “What’s next?” Knowing that the need to mobilize greater resources for women and girls did not end with the campaign, the plan to move WMM from campaign to community began. A passionate and purposeful group of members stepped up in leadership and together created the plan for an ongoing organization. Those same members committed their own financial resources, and along with a $1.5 million dollar seed grant from J.P. Morgan Chase, Women Moving Millions, Inc. was born. Jacki Zehner (bottom right) became the founding Board President.

Women Moving Millions Today
Today, WMM is a growing global community of over 300 women (and men) in 14 countries, each of whom have given $1 million or more to organizations and initiatives focused on the advancement of women and girls. Collectively, members have made bold gift commitments of over $650 million and continue to give support well beyond those initial commitments.

WMM is the largest community of individuals giving $1 million or more to create impact for women and girls. Together, they step up as bold leaders to change the world.

WMM members stand firm in their mission “to catalyze unprecedented resources for the advancement of women and girls”, created a better world that is more gender balanced and just for women, for girls, and for everyone.