Our Impact

Our work starts with inspiring members to move millions of dollars to benefit millions of women and girls, but it doesn’t end there. Our purpose is clear: to encourage our members to set new standards for bold philanthropic leadership and to support our partners in raising greater resources for their organizations.


Since its founding in 2007, Women Moving Millions has inspired over 300 members to pledge over $670 million to organizations and initiatives that share our commitment to advancing women and girls around the world.

María Nuñez, Board of Directors, Women Moving Millions: “Although I have had a great career, I have never considered myself wealthy. I made the decision to make a gift that was financially challenging for me, because I realized that the need is so great and now is the time to create lasting change.”

Cathy Raphael, Member, Women Moving Millions: “It’s been quite a journey learning how to align my vision of the change the world needs with my philanthropy. I joined Women Moving Millions and am motivated to give big + boldly, because I want to see changes in MY lifetime, as well as the next!”

Jodie Evans, Member, Women Moving Millions: “Making my million-dollar gift was like jumping off a cliff and then finding out you can fly.”


We’re dedicated to deepening our members’ philanthropic leadership through our events and programs.

Lauren Embrey, Board of Directors, Women Moving Millions: “Joining Women Moving Millions opened up my work and my world in so many ways: doors flew open, relationships deepened and knowledge increased. Access to and with the vast and powerful network of women involved has enabled me, through support and community, to maximize my work and embolden my leadership. I am forever grateful for my bold decision to join and engage to the fullest.”

Penny George, Member, Women Moving Millions: “Joining Women Moving Millions has helped our family foundation be more informed, thoughtful and strategic with respect to our initiatives supporting women and girls. It has also been a joy to be part of this remarkable community of individuals who, by the example of the work they are each doing in the world, make me a better person as well as a more impactful donor.”

Deborah Lindholm, Member, Women Moving Millions: “Joining Women Moving Millions in 2008 was one of the few very best decisions of my life. It was a big and bold statement in support of giving unprecedented resources to my primary philanthropic focus, women and girls. The WMM community is a beyond fabulous and treasured part of my life!”

Empowering Our Partners

Collaboration is a part of our DNA. We think of ourselves as a “development engine” that inspires, encourages, and supports your major donors, clients or members as they make a big + bold commitment to advance women and girls.

Molly Melching, Founder & Executive Director, Tostan: “Women Moving Millions has really played a pivotal role for Tostan. In 2013, I was invited to speak at The Annual Summit. There, I was able to meet a few members who were interested in learning more about our work in Senegal. Since then, those members have become some of Tostan’s greatest donors and ambassadors.”

Roslyn Dawson Thompson, President & CEO, Dallas Women’s Foundation : “Our partnership with Women Moving Millions is a powerful asset to our organization. Today, Dallas Women’s Foundation is actively supported by the contributions and volunteer involvement of 31 WMM members who are true leaders in our community. These WMM members set an extraordinary example of thoughtful philanthropy and inspire other donors to invest more significantly in our mission – enabling us to grow assets from $26M to $36M and increase our annual grant making from $2.5M to $4.1M over the past four years.”