Our Partners

Funding Sustainable Social Change Through the Leadership of Women

Women Moving Millions continues to partner with the Women’s Funding Network and its member funds.

The Women’s Funding Network is a global movement of more than 160 women’s foundations on six continents, all with a shared commitment to creating lasting social change by unleashing the power and potential of women and girls. These ‘women’s funds’ invest in women’s nonprofits and leadership to empower women and tackle some of today’s most pressing social issues.

At the movement’s heart is the belief that an investment in a woman is an investment in her family and ultimately her community and her nation. Women’s funds catalyze this powerful chain reaction to forge the building blocks for a more just and sustainable world.

Key Facts

  • Women’s funds are a growing power in global philanthropy. In 2009, the Network’s member funds collectively invested more than $65 million in organizations working with women and girls.
  • Women’s funds’ investments are targeted at achieving lasting, systemic change. From protecting women’s land rights in Tanzania to achieving lasting gains for low-income women workers in the U.S., women’s funds focus on investments that shape women’s status and opportunities in society.
  • Women’s funds focus on marginalized women with the best understanding of community challenges and needs.
  • Women’s funds tap into new solutions to social problems by investing in those who are closest to them – over 80% of women’s funds’ investments go to women living in poverty or most affected by issues such as homelessness, violence and human rights abuses.
  • Women’s funds are at the forefront of the world’s most pressing social issues. The top funding priority of women’s funds is the eradication of poverty through the empowerment of women and girls. Other common priorities are combating violence and improving access to healthcare and education.

For further information on Women’s Funding Network, please visit WomensFundingNetwork.org.