Gael Sylvia Pullen

Gael Sylvia Pullen is a pioneering businesswoman, prolific speaker, and ardent philanthropist. Her life’s goal is to empower and inspire all to see the good that is around us. Beginning her career as the Co-Founder and President of Better Communications, Inc., an international education program focused on increasing minority representation in the sciences, Gael Sylvia has facilitated partnerships with multi-national organizations. After this, Gael Sylvia owned Charis Real Estate, the largest minority-owned real estate brokerage firm in Southern California at the time. She has owned a myriad of other successful businesses, including Ghail Media Group, the largest Spanish-language radio programming serving Northeastern Ohio at the time. She is passionate about financial literacy, health literacy and economic empowerment, especially for women and girls. Gael Sylvia has positively impacted the core of every community of which she’s been a part. Among other leadership roles, Gael Sylvia has been a speaker for national and international organizations; and is the author of two forthcoming books: A Cup of Joy and The Gift of Love.

“I see women and girl’s health and philanthropy as inexorably linked. To create healthy women and girls, we need to reimagine the word philanthropy. It is often assumed that the recipient of philanthropy is only capable of being on the receiving end. But there’s this other side to women and girls – the Women Moving Millions side. We are capable of being incredible change agents.”